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Thirtytwo 32 MTB Jeremy Jones 2017/2018 (Third edition) ENG Version

First of all, I would like to thank the Friedistribution: they sent the boot to me and I was lucky to have a first peak and to test it for you guys. 

So, here's my deeper thoughts about this product dedicated to the splitboard and SnowAlp world.

As you may know, I already wrote a review about the thirtytwo Jones MTB '15 season edition.

So, in this review I will describe in details the characteristics of this latest edition (thirtytwo Jones MTB ’17) and then I'll compare it to the previuos one (thirtytwo Jones MTB ’15)

Let's get started with the contents of the box. 

The boots come with spare laces in black/yellow color, internal anatomical foam overlays for optimal heel hold. These can be placed in a special pocket to improve the ankle and heel support and come in three different sizes. 

They are also meant to improve the plantar arch support and you can decide wether to insert them or not, depending on your needs.

Let's move to the most obvious feature: the ‘Walk Mode’. The Boa collar on the side is connected to a small panel at the back of the cuff; release it, and you can pull the top of the boot’s backstay away from your leg. This increases the length of your stride when splitboarding, speeding up the process and get to the top faster and with less effort, so you can enjoy the ride down quicker. 

The new thirtytwo Jones MTB ’17 boot comes with a stretch Cordura gaiter featuring water proof protection, lace protection, and preventing lace from freezing water proof YKK® zipper. It also prevents any snow from crawling into the boots while skiing.

The only downside about this lace protection is that it could be uncomfortable to lace up the boot for guys with big hands or people who are used to wear thick gloves.

On each side of the ankle area there's a customizable heel hold pocket. Here you can add a J-shaped piece of foam to dramatically increase ankle hold, keeping your feet perfectly in place for precise control and making the boot stiffer.

Unfortunately, even this new edition does not have any protection on the rear opening, as I already pointed out about their previous model.

It would be great if they could add some stretch fabric, to avoid any snow or ice from creeping into the boots in the back.

The Vibram outsole features traditional hiking tread with heel welt compatible for strap and it has solid boot to crampon compatibility. The footprint of the sole is compact, for ultimate ease in getting out of your bindings.

The 1:1 lasting (removable) provides the best fit for every size. It comes in 100% Heat Moldable Intuition foam for a custom fit and dual density Intuition foam for comfort, warmth, and support. 

It features internal anatomical foam overlays for optimal heel hold and dual power wrap hook-and-loop cuff closure.

Another "special" feature is the lack of laces on the liner. In fact, there is an inner ankle lacing system which provides superior heel hold and performance with a simple and easy to use lace lock.

The molded Intuition-heat foam footbed can be completely customized by adding one of the three dual density Evolution foam heel pods for maximum impact protection.

The weight of the boot in size 12 is about 3,65lb per boot.

Current sale price is USD$ 599.99 (full price with no discount).

The boot is also available for women in a black/blue version and there are also another two other Jeremy Jones syles dedicated to the freeride world, which feature similar technical characteristics, with the only exception of the rear opening (I'm talking about the TM2 XLT Jones and the Jones Zephyr).


Thanks to the high customization of the boot through the J-shaped and the dual density Evolution foam heel pods, the boot is super comfy and easily wraparound from the first use. 

The walk mode collar with cuff releases for longer strides while split boarding. It actually performs great, avoiding pressure on the calf and also speeding up the process with less effort. 

IMO stifness is medium. They provide excellent support and responsiveness, while preserving the sensitivity of a soft boot. 

I wore these boots on different itineraries, hiking in high altitude, and the boot always confirmed its comfort.  The walk mode even allows you to jog a bit. 

Wearing them on for several hours, even while hiking, I had no pain or blisters to my feet.

(Take a look at some pics in action on my Facebook page by using the HASHTAG: #SnowAlper #ThirtytwoMTB)


As I said before, I also own the first edition of boots (15/16), so I'm going to compare this latest version to that edition.

-CONTENT OF THE BOX: The items included are the same for both editions. The only addition in the 2018 model is the Level 3 Footbed.

-OUTSIDE OF THE BOOT: The style has been updated a bit, but it mostly an easthetic restyle with some different details, like the full zip gater for ultimate waterproffing and to improve the opening and closing. In addition to this, there's also a power strap closure for full protection.

-INSIDE OF THE BOOT: The most interesting upgrade is the possibility to make the boot further stiffen, by inserting the articulating cuffs which also eliminate shell distortion and increases heel hold.

-TOE CAP, HEEL AND OUTSOLE:  there is a molded rubber toe cap for added protection and lasts. The heel is rounded off, so that it does not overhang from the bindings and the snowboard. 

On the back the crampons' cleat is rigid and fully compatible with semi-automatic crampons (in the first edition you could still use the semi-automatic, but they were stated to be compatible with normal crampons). 

The Vibram outsole features traditional hiking tread with heel welt compatible for strap. The design is more "Mountaineering". In fact, they named it as 'Combinaton Evolution Foam' outsole, meaning this is made of high performance rubber.

The footprint of the outsole is more narrow, which helps in putting on and taking off the binding when compared to the other version.

-BOA: I’d like to highlight this feature since it was an issue in the previous edition. In fact, in the 2015/16 edition the Boa came with a traditional steel cord. Unfortunately the cord often got damaged in the loops, with sudden breakage of the string. Of course, the lace was covered by a "lifetime warranty" under the BOA policy. 

In the 2018 edition this issued has been solved by using a rope sling, which is definetly much more flexible and less likely to break.

-1:1 LINING: The lining here is completely different and advanced, as you can see from the pics. 

The first edition was much thinner. This version (called Elite Fit) is included in the Top products of the 32's line and is more breathable and cushioning, as well as to have the arch support adaptable to your foot.

-WEIGHT: The weight has slightly increased compared to the first version, and this difference is mainly due to the innerboot.


In conclusion...I used to consider the thirtytwo Jones MTB ’15 as the best boots out on the market for splitboarders. However, I can say without doubt that thirtytwo Jones MTB ’17 can be considered as the top of the line quality in the splitboards world. 

Compared to other competing models, I think the thirtytwo Jones MTBs  are the most well-finished, responding to multiple needs of splitboarders. 

In this '17 edition some issues related to the previous model have been solved. In addition to this, there have been some improvements, more or less relevant, but definetely notable (like the outsole, the dimension, the stiffness, and the customizable options).

I might seem biased and probably I am a bit...I'm taking this stance since I've been using snowboarders' boots for a while now, and I have to say that after switching to thirtytwo Jones MTB I experienced not but just advantage: less effort, improved heel drag allowance, no pain to my feet, thereby increased lenght of the climb, and fun ride down.

The only "negative" notes or further improvement that could be made are the increased weight (not really noticeable to the foot, but in any case these are heavier than the first model), the lack of stretch in the fabric to avoid any possible intrusion of snow or ice in the back and the possible compatibility with automatic crampons (with holes for the small bindings, if possible).

As for the list price, no doubt this is an expensive boot. 

However, considering the cost of their competitors and if you want to invest in a timeless product: you are going to pay it off.


-Cost slightly lower if compared to similar products on the market

-Improved liner: breathable, cushioning and intuition heat moldable, customazible heel hold pockets and intuition J-bars for heel mold

-Solid boot and with small footprint, resulting in an improved fit and reduced overhang from the board 

-Ultimate waterproofing stretch cordura and lace protection and prevents lace from freezing water proof zipper.

-Revolutionary Walk Mode Collar for longer strides while skinning or just walking on your splitboard, and less effort.

-Comfortable fitting, which allows an intensive hassles-free use.

-Articulating cuff eliminates shell distortion and increases heel hold

-Good stiffness without compromising the pleasure of a soft boot on the ride down.

-Additional gear included 

-Vibram Combination Evolution Foam Outsole, suitable for semi-automatic crampons.

-Pleasant aesthetoc and attention to details.

-Woman version available


-Pretty expensive.

-Little room for hands under the lace protection.

-Back not so well isolated from any possible water and snow leaking when you're climbing.